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The Artist

About the Artist -

Martha Mottau Reisdorf, abstract expressionist artist, Seattle, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Washington Martha grew up in Steilacoom, Washington facing the shores of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountain ranges. Left to her own ingenuity as a child she embraced the nature surrounding her. She dug underground tunnels and shaped castles and cities from the sand; forged trails and built camps and furniture from broken twigs and limbs in the woods ... this was the beginning of her creativity. This creativeness resurfaced in later years.

She followed a traditional career path until a traumatic event dramatically changed her life. In 1990 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the removal causing skewed vision, loss of balance and depth perception. The world as she had seen it was gone. To escape the tedium of rehab she began taking classes at Pacific NW College of art, eventually graduating. There her art professors taught her to embrace her limitations and create art within her personal arena. Her skewed eyesight had become a gift, enabling her to virtually see in the abstract.

About her Work -

Varying colored paints are scooped and applied to a canvas randomly and in staccato strokes. This is repeated multiple times until the collective layers meld into a mosaic fusion of colors, lines and shapes. Intent is that the finished piece provoke viewers to find their own meaning to the composition, whether that be emotional, spiritual, a perceived imagery ... or 'what's that?'.

Martha's work has been exhibited in regional museums and art galleries, and is in private collections throughout the United States, England, France and Germany. She was the subject of a PBS television show and she's has been featured in various news publications and catalogues.

Refer to the Contact Page on this website for where her work is currently exhibited.

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